12 Can't-Miss Sessions at MPB2B Forum

12 Can’t-Miss Sessions at MPB2B Forum

Remember that scene in the Matrix where Neo downloads dozens of new skills in just a few hours?�

You know: “Whoa. I know Kung Fu.”


That’s basically what happens at a marketing conference. It’s a concentrated download of the latest marketing trends, best practices and practical advice. So it’s always exciting when conference season comes around again.

This year, B2B Forum by MarketingProfs (#MPB2B) is blowing the doors off with a killer lineup of B2B superstars. Some of these folks are practically synonymous with great B2B marketing, and they’re all in one place for three full days!

Here are the sessions you absolutely shouldn’t miss, who’s hosting them, and why I’m excited for each one. This isn’t every great session, of course, but it’s a good place to start.

Here’s the best part: If you can’t make it to Boston, most of these are available via livestream, too.

12 Can’t Miss Sessions at #MPB2B

Thursday, Oct 5th

Session:AI, Sales Enablement, SEO, Strategy & Planning Round Table


Speakers:Ahava Leibtag,Allen Weiss,Andy Crestodina,Carlos Hidalgo,Christopher S. Penn,George B. Thomas

Livestream? No.

Why we’re excited:

This eclectic mix of topics and experts is worth getting up early for. Ahava Leibtag is the president of Aha Media Group; Allen Weiss is the founder and CEO of Marketing Profs; Andy Crestodina and Carlos Hidalgo are sales and marketing thought leaders; Chris Penn is more data wizard than data scientist, and George B. Thomas is a consultant and HubSpot expert. Any marketer looking to integrate their tactics and take a more holistic approach should rush to this one.

Session:6 Steps to Show Content Marketing ROI to Your Boss

Time: 10:45am-11:30am ET

Speaker: Michael Brenner


Why we’re excited:

Michael Brenner has decades of experience in marketing. He’s become a champion for quality content that drives measurable business results. Proving the ROI of content marketing is essential in a time when budgets are shrinking and every dollar counts, and Michael’s uniquely qualified to help you do it.

Session:Thought Leadership and Story-Finding: How to Generate a Constant Stream of Story Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Time: 11:40am-12:25pm ET

Speaker:Rhea Wessel

Livestream? Yes

Why we’re excited:

The AI boom is going to flood the content landscape with robotic, uninspired content. The only way to stand out is to be creative, genuine and human. This session promises to help thought leaders tell more compelling stories, whether it’s your story or writing on behalf of the C-suite in your organization.

Session:5 Unconventional Content Marketing Approaches

Time: 2:50pm-3:35pm ET

Speaker: Joe Pulizzi

Livestream? Yes

Why we’re excited:

Never pass up an opportunity to hear Joe Pulizzi talk about content marketing. As the founder of Content Marketing Institute, he was instrumental in making content a measurable, strategic and profitable business practice. Now he’s bringing new ideas about social content, more efficient content creation, and even monetizing content. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Session:How to Elevate B2B Marketing Results With the Influence Trifecta

Time: 4:05pm-4:50pm ET

Speaker: Lee Odden

Livestream? Yes

Why we’re excited:

Our founder Lee is to B2B influencer marketing what Joe Pulizzi is to content marketing. Lee and the TopRank Marketing team have seen incredible success with a holistic, strategic approach to B2B influence that doesn’t just copy what works in B2C. This session will feature a sneak preview of this year’s B2B Influencer Marketing Report, with data from over 400 marketing professionals.

Session:The Marketing Singularity: How Marketers Should Prepare for AI

Time: 5:00pm-5:45pm ET

Speaker: Christopher Penn

Livestream? Yes

Why we’re excited:

There’s no hotter topic for modern marketers than generative AI. Most of us are already using it in our day-to-day, but what will we do with it tomorrow? How can we make sure the AI is working for us, not replacing us? Chris Penn is the right person to ask.

Session:Mastering the Art of Cultivating an Engaged Private Community: A Step-By-Step Guide

Time: 5:00pm-5:45pm ET

Speaker: Justin Levy

Livestream? No

Why we’re excited:

I had the pleasure of working with Justin on the super cool and insanely successfulDemandbase Smarter GTM campaign. Beneath his laid-back exterior is the mind of a superb marketer — he’s always entertaining and interesting to listen to.  As the social media environment gets more fragmented, building a private community is a great asset for any B2B brand, so this subject matter couldn’t be more topical.

Friday, October 6th

Session:Lead From Behind: Ways to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

Time: 8:30am-9:15am ET

Speaker: Moni Oloyede

Livestream? Yes

Why we’re excited:

It can be a sobering experience to come back to work after a conference. You’re brimming with new ideas, but you might not have the authority or resources to start trying them out. This session promises to help the non-CMOs among us get our ideas heard and build fruitful relationships with leaders to get things done.

Session:Recession-Proof Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Time:9:25am-10:10am ET

Speaker: Samantha Stone

Livestream? Yes

Why we’re excited:

Samantha is a champion of “results-driven marketing,” a skill that is in high demand in an uncertain economic climate. This session promises a smorgasbord of techniques to help weather the storm, including prioritizing investments, leveraging AI to increase efficiency, and using proven ways to shorten buying cycles.

Session: Cut the BS: B2B Influencer Marketing Strategies that Actually Work

Time:9:25-10:10am ET

Speaker:Ashley Zeckman

Livestream? No

Why we’re excited:

Ashley is a TopRank Marketing alumnus and I had the distinct pleasure of working with her for nearly five years. Now she’s the freshly-minted co-CEO of Onalytica, with even more valuable experience ready to share with the marketing community. If you’re in-person at MPB2B, see her in a small group now. Because in a few years, she’ll be doing the keynote.

Session:Using Data and AI to Foster Engagement Along the Full Customer Journey

Time:12:40pm-1:25pm ET

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo


Why we’re excited:

If I had a nickel for every time someone promised to explain the new customer journey, I’d have enough to buy all the Martech solutions to get it done. But Carlos has got the inside line — he’s got the know-how and experience to help you make a genuine difference. The future of marketing will depend on smart use of AI to make sense of mountains of data. Now’s the time to get ready.

Session:Navigating the Labyrinth: Three Steps That Lead Every GTM Strategy and Buyer to Great Content

Time: 1:35pm-2:20pm ET

Speaker: Randy Frisch


Why we’re excited:

Randy takes a no-nonsense approach to marketing — as evidenced by his book “F*ck Content Marketing.” He’s also the Co-Founder of Uberflip, so he knows a thing or seven about how to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. This session promises to show you how to streamline your GTM strategy with the judicious application of data, and how to create content experiences that engage your targets.

Keep up your marketing momentum after MPB2B

I remember coming home from my first marketing conference in 2015 — it was Content Marketing World. I had so many new ideas buzzing around my head that it nearly made me dizzy. At that point, there are two possibilities: Slowly return to business as usual, or use those ideas as a catalyst for change. I did my best to take the second option.

The TopRank Marketing team is here to help you turn your great ideas into reality. Whether it’s a new influencer marketing program, more effective content, or a custom strategy all you’re own, we can help you make it happen.

Contact us to get started today, and also check out our additional MarketingProfs B2B Forum resources:

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